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CQ the Florida Phone Traffic Net.   CQ the Florida Phone Traffic Net.  CQ the Friendly Florida Phone Traffic Net.

This is (YOUR CALL SIGN) and Iíll be your net control for today. My name is (YOUR FIRST NAME) and I am located in (CITY, STATE).

FPTN meets daily for handling formal written traffic and for training in emergencies. FPTN is a member of the National Traffic System 
and maintains daily liaison with recognized traffic and training nets.

All amateurs are welcome to join. If, after some participation, you would like to have your call sign
added to the FPTN roster, just send a formal written radiogram on the air, during one of the FPTN net sessions, 
to our net manager, Helen, WC4FSU. If you do not know how to format a written radiogram, thatís what this net 
is all about; we can help you.

Is there any emergency or priority traffic?

Are there any announcements, bulletins, anniversaries or birthdays for today (DATE)?

Are there any mobile or portable stations?  If so, give me your callsign ONLY!

Are there stations too short of time to wait for the traffic listing? 

NOTE to the NCS:
(get your net reps now)

Who is our 7188 Caribbean net rep?
Who is coming from the late session of 4th Region?
Who is our NTS digital rep?
Who is our Southeast Florida traffic net rep?
Who is our Southwest Florida traffic net rep?
Who is our Eagle net rep?
Who is our VCTN rep?
Who is our SVTN rep?

(Be sure to ask if any net rep has any traffic)

Is there anyone with formal written traffic?  If so, give me your call sign ONLY!

Notes for the NCS:
Get their call sign ONLY at first to reduce doubling & then get the traffic listing.
Distribute the traffic; try to group any book traffic handlers together; if there is a large amount
for the digital stations, try to limit it to 5 messages per digital station.
If there seems to be large amounts of traffic for the day, you can begin to assign traffic, continue to ask
if anyone else has traffic, and just advise the stations that additional traffic handlers may be coming
to them as the net progresses. Short-of-time stations with traffic can be handled immediately to help them out.

Begin the roll call

If there is traffic being passed, ask often for returning stations.
After finishing the roster, call for other roster stations and then visiting stations.

We need full call-signs and first names on ALL NEW visitors.
You send the message to Helen, or another volunteer if she is absent, before ending the net session.

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