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FPTN preamble


GOOD as of May 1, 2020!


KG5AOP   JERRY         Leesburg, FL - northwest of Orlando
WA4ATF   ALAN          Dunedin, FL - north of Clearwater
WA4AYY   DON           Okeechobee, FL - on the northern shore of that BIG lake in Southern FL
K4BR     JOHN          Waynesboro, GA - close to Augusta, GA
KM4BRQ   TOM           Seminole, FL - north of Saint Petersburg - GO NOLES!
W4CMH    JOHN          Fort Myers, FL


KE4D     JOHN          Leesburg, FL - northwest of Orlando
WD4DAH   GLENN         Lake Park, GA - near Valdosta 
KO4DN    CHRIS         Tallahassee, FL
AD4DO    JOHN          Crawfordville, FL - south of Tallahassee
K4EEI    BARRY         North Port, FL - halfway between Sarasota & Ft. Myers
KC4FL    JOHN          Callahan, FL - north of Jacksonville
WC4FSU   HELEN         Ormond Beach, FL - net manager
KI4FSZ   JEFF          Saint Petersburg, FL


KA1G     ED            Port Clinton, OH - yes, OHIO!!
WJ4G     BILL          Brandon, FL - east of Tampa
N4GMU    DAVE          DeLand, FL - assistant net manager 
W4GRJ    JACK          Saint Petersburg Beach, FL
KG4ITD   JUNIOR        Bristol, FL - 40 miles west of Tallahassee


WX4J     EARL          Switzerland, FL - about 25 miles south of Jacksonville
N3JUY    RIDGE         Palm Coast, FL - north of Daytona Beach
K4LSB    EARL          Silver Springs FL - east of  Ocala 
KK4LYQ   BILL          Lakeland, FL 
N4MRJ    LEO           Jacksonville, FL
KE4NC    KENNY         Fort Lauderdale, FL
K4NEB    NORM          Port Saint Joe, FL - just east of Panama City


W3OJO    JOE           Wade, NC - near Fayetteville, NC
N3OS     GARY          Dade City, FL - a few miles northeast of Tampa
W2PAX    DAVE          Naples, FL - southwest coast
W2PH     ED            Palm Bay, FL - just south of Melbourne
KZ8Q     BEN           Ocala, FL


K9RFT    REID          Melrose, FL - near Gainesville
WB4RJW   DIANE         Edgewater, FL - south of Daytona
K4RTM    RIC           Palm Coast, FL - north of Daytona Beach
KR4ST    JEFF          Fort Myers, FL
WB4TOV   HAROLD        Okeechobee, FL - on the northern shore of that BIG lake
NØTW     TERRY         Monticello, FL - 20 miles east of Tallahassee
KM2V     MIKE          Lauderhill, FL - near Ft. Lauderdale


KM4WHO   JOHN          Port Orange, FL - southern Volusia County
AE4WK    WAYNE         South Tampa, FL
KK4WTO   FLOYD         Byron, GA - near Macon, GA and southeast of Atlanta
KT4WX    DARRELL       Fort Meade, FL - 25 miles south of Lakeland
W4WYR    WILLIAM       Dunedin, FL - north of Clearwater
AA4XZ    DAVE          Sanford, FL - northeast of Orlando
WF2Y     GEORGE        Lexington, SC - west of Columbia
W4ZE     TED           Port Saint Lucie, FL

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